Trotz will Tells to nhl why he will not become coach for next time.

Trotz will declared that he will not became coach in next time because he is not in position to give time in and Trotz is decided that he is not become coach in next session of nhl.

what is the ago of Trotz
the ago of Trotz was 59 and he will decide that he will not become coach in next secssion of nhl.

interview of Trotz
on friday 24 june exclusive interview with nhl. Trotz my ago was 59 and after wrestled for long time and after 59 years he decided to live rest live with his family.

Trotz said that on friday he got some things personally and he want to take care of his family.

career record

trotz as a career record of 914-670-168 with 60 ties in 1,812 regular-season games (.567 points percentage) with the Nashville Predators, Washington Capitals and New York Islanders since 1998-99.

Trotz was 2 most coach in the histry of nhl and Trotz has qualified for the Stanley Cup playoffs in 14 of his 23 seasons as coach.

Trotz was win award 2 times as coach of nhl at 2015-2016 Secssion or 2017-2018 secssion.

“( It’s) an occasion to amp myself and make good with the time I have. I’ll stay involved. I still have good connections with Lou and the Islanders, good connections with brigades I have been with

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