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Hello guys welcome to our other amazing article in this article we will discuss about youtube studio.

If you are learner and if you want to learn about how yt studio works and what are the features of YouTube studio.
then this article is for you read this article and learn about YouTube studio like what is YouTube studio, what are the features of YouTube studio and how youtube studio actual work.

 As you know in this article we will discuss about youtube studio but before discussing about youtube studio first we want to learn about what is YouTube and what was the role of YouTube studio in our YouTube channel.

What is youtube.
YouTube is of platform that where two type of audience are connected

* creater
This are the audience are connected in the YouTube platform.

What is youtube channel.

youtube creator studio mobile

I hope you will understand about youtube. Now we will discuss about YouTube channel basically YouTube Channel is made for a youtube creator. Aur YouTube platform was provided one creating channel option on the top of the YouTube
And in YouTube channel a creator was create a video related to his niche( categerios) or his knowledge.
And there is a so many creators are available on YouTube and they are making video related to cooking, Technology, gaming and etc.

I hope you will understand about YouTube and how youtube works with the help of above article now we will discuss about our main topic

What is youtube studio.

 A YouTube Studio was a one of the important features for a Creator.
In YouTube studio you can manage your channel and analyse your huge amount of data in youtube studio.

With the help of you to studio you can analyse your data of your channel and check what was the total use and what was the actual result of your channel YouTube Studio helps to measure all of this activity of your channel.

There is a three facility to use YouTube Studio features

1) you can use YouTube Studio on your mobile.

2) channel content YouTube studio

3) YouTube creator Studio web

The above are the ways to maintain the YouTube studio.

Studio youtube channel

The following are the things which you can manage in your YouTube studio.

When you are login to your YouTube Studio account then this are the main ways to monitor your channel data.

1) channel analytics.

After login your YouTube Studio the first option is channel Analytics. In channel Analytics you can measure what was your actual subscriber and how many current viewers are watching your video.
Then after clicking on Channel Analytics you can go in the new tab of YouTube studio.

2) channel overview

In the section of channel on overview you can find three kind of things first you will see yours what time and subscribers it will help to maintain how much viewers are watch your video and what was your current what time and how much people subscribe your channel.

3 content.

In the section of content you can check how much video you can publish and what was your actual audience response towords your content.

What is channel playlist
In the section of channel playlist you can manage your series of your content and you can manage a series of a video which you are  create on a single topic

Example:- how to make money.


comments on youtube

In this section of your YouTube studio you can manage your new is comment which was commented by your audience or your viewrs.

Youtube monetisation.

Youtube monetisation.

After using your YouTube studio now this section was YouTube monetization it will help to earn money by creators but there is a some certain criteria that was created by YouTube and it is also known as you to policy Program.

The criteria to monetize your Channel was to complete first 1000 subscriber and 4000 hour watc time.
After completing this criteria you can able to monetize your channel on YouTube and start earning money.

Channel customisation.

Youtube customisation

After using YouTube studio you can also get this option on your side bar it will help you to customise aur edit things your channel dashboard and also helps to add logo or thumbnail of your channel.

Now last option is setting of youtube studio .
This was the very important setting of your channel that it was available on YouTube studio in setting section
In setting section you can change so many things according to your choice with the help of this section you can select whatever currency you want channel customisation permission and communication settings of your channel are available on this tab so you can customise your channel according to your choice.

What is YouTube audio library and how to use it

Before we understand what is YouTube audio library first we want to understand why YouTube provide this features to our creator.

audio library

As you know YouTube have some policy related to music system of a videos and album if you are can copy some other videos and uploaded your channel that was not eligible according to YouTube policy and so many people are miss guide the YouTube so after all this YouTube has launched this facility for your creators so YouTube creators can use YouTube library and download music according to his choice and connect that music with video so it will be applicable to monetize also usable for a YouTube and it will help to maintain the policy of YouTube


Now what was the difference between you to youtube studio and YouTube
youtube users

Basically in the above article we will discuss about YouTube platform basically YouTube platform was depended on two type of audience .
1)  creator
2) consumer

And YouTube Studio is only for a creator. Is too the YouTube Studio helps to maintain everything related to channel in YouTube studio so this YouTube Studio facility is for only the content creator.

YouTube is that type of platform which are helps to people solve their issue with the help of content

How to get know YouTube

This was the very important question about all the youtubers that’s why we will find some checklist for you if you are follows that check list then it will help to become a successful youtuber then if you will become a one time successful youtuber than every one will know about you

This certain things will need you to create a YouTube channel

1) you want to decide what was your category (niche)

Meaning- niche means a field that you have a particular knowledge for example cooking Technology etc

2) then after selecting your category then research on that topic and continuously increasing your knowledge related to that topic

3) develop your content schedule

Meaning :- after maintain your work then it will time to schedule your content it means time to create video and upload on YouTube

4) need some equipment

It means if you want to create your YouTube channel then you want some equipments for creating a good video the list of the equipments are following

a) smart phone or camera

b) mic (for good audio)

c) plane and accurate background

This are very important things while you creating your new channel then after if you achieve thousand subscriber then you will increase your equipments quality according your channel and your money capability

youtube creator studio mobile

YouTube Studios helping you to manage your all the datas of your channel and if you want to use mobile to analyse your YouTube channel data from YouTube studio then YouTube will already launch app for mobile user you can go play store and download the app YouTube studio and connect with your similar YouTube channel ID then it will connect your YouTube channel and after that you will analyse your data from yt studio app.

youtube studio web

As you know YouTube studio will help us to manage our channel data and also you know that YouTube will help the creator many ways that’s why youtube will launch two type of login ways to enter in yt studio for a creator.
if you have having laptop or desktop then there are three ways to enter in YouTube studio if you have a desktop then simply you want to click on Channel section and click on YouTube after clicking on YouTube Studio then YouTube Studio will redirect you on YouTube Studio web and that will help you to maintain your all the channel Analytics

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