most popular youtuber dies at very young age read more about him

this is very sad news for all the fans of technoblade.the popular minecraft youtuber technoblade was pass away due to cancer.
technoblade was most popular gamer and his channel based on minecraft gaming and he has more than 11 million subscriber on youtube and he was very popular in minecraft.

tecnoblade was loved by childrens and youngters in all over the world and his most fan following based on india or us.

who is tenolade

technoblade was mst popuar gamer in youtube and his age was 23 years and tecnoblade was pass away due to cancer.

full name of technoblade

the full name of techno blade was alex. his age was 23. he started his youtube channel on 29 Oct 2013. he archive so many love from his fan following and now he was pass away due to cancer.

last words of tecnoblade for his fans

hello everyone tecnoblade is here if you are watching this I’m dead thanks for supportin my content over the years. if i got 100 of live i will choose to become a technobade and those was happiest years of my life.
alex father was upload this video of his channel tecnoblades.

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